How to activate Google+ premium features

Credit: Mike Smuts Google+ Premium Features is now available for preview for Businesses, Education, and Government. The premium features preview will remain free till the end of 2013. So, here is a quick...
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Google+ introduces premium features to facilitate businesses

Credit: Google+ Premium Features for Google Apps was launched yesterday in order to facilitate businesses, education, and government. Google announced about the new features...
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new google plus logo

Google+ becomes reaches 170 million users within 10 months of its launch

Google+ created yet another record by becoming the fastest social network to reach 170 million users. Less than nine and a half months have passed since the “closed beta” launch of the social...
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new google plus

Google+ gets a complete user interface makeover

Google+ has got its first major overhaul of the user interface yesterday only around nine and a half months after its closed beta launch on July 28, 2011. Google+ has been continuously bringing in new...
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Google Translate for Google+

Top 3 Google Chrome Extensions for Google+

Google+ is the fastest social network to have reached several milestones including 10 million, 20 million and 40 million users. The social network is growing rapidly and more importantly the existing users...
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How to search for specific posts inside Google+

Do you have a lot of Google+ users in your circles and are you finding it difficult to search for posts of your interests. Here is a small Google+ tutorial to help you out in the same. But prior to that,...
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Uncircle Google Plus Inactive Followers

How to remove inactive users from Google+

As is the case with all other social networks, there are a a lot of users on Google+ who have never been active but only joined the network to test it out. In many cases, they might have added you to their...
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Zynga CityVille

Zynga’s CityVille and Kabam’s Global Warfare added to Google+ Games

The healthy competition between Google+ and Facebook seems to be growing even more intense as Google added two very popular Facebook games on its network within the last few days. The growth of the Google+...
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Google Plus Shared Circle

How to share a Google+ circle with others

Google+ added another cool feature to the social network today as they enabled users to share their circles with other circles, extended circles or even the public. This is very useful if you have a circle...
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google plus 50 million

Google+ becomes the fastest social network to reach 50 million users

Image Credit: Leon Haland We had posted at the starting of August that Google Plus had become the fastest network to reach 25 million users as per comScore. However, the growth had slowed down a bit in...
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